Technical and management results

We collaborate actively with our customers to search for optimising solutions from a technical point of view as well as from the economic one.

Indeed, we plan and realize in-house the necessary equipment to carry out with optimised performance the working on the machining stations.

The adopted technical and technological solutions, the auditing on costs, are the result of an intense collaboration with customers able to optimise their products and processes also after suggestions and tests carried with our technical experts and on the basis of specific opportunities.

Management results

The development of orders and turnover has allowed continuous company growth, while the management of activities shows results of good return and financial balance with significant capitalization indexes.

The organised system favours planning and the systematic and timely control of flows (expenses and revenues) through wise use of the software and of the internal connection.

The company has achieved realization of its current three-year plan, the goals of which have always been met early, often by a few months.