Staff Training

– Staff Training
The academic backgound of young people, even in possession of a diploma, require further education interventions
to equip them with relevant skills in the continuous evolution of markets and in light of the existing competition.

We have always considered that machines, even the more technologically advanced ones, can be bought by everyone, but the true difference is determined by quality and people skills.

It is people that highlight the competitive soul of the organisation. We think that this is true and as such, our first task is to develop values and competences in those that work with us, thus guaranteeing equality, transparency and opportunities to all those who show interest in growing along with the company.

At every stage of the life of the company we have always hired people with this orientation. We do not have temporary employees. We grow without losing resources along the way. We intend to pursue this path.
A plan of professional paths always updated and realised every year within our company, also with the collaboration of external professionals.