Quality and safety

The politics of quality and safety pursued have allowed us to obtain the double certification at the beginning of the 2005 financial year with results that we consider to be satisfactory for our company and for those who are interested in them (stakeholders).

Total absence of accidents, consistent reduction of non-conformity and complaint with a high degree of satisfaction of the customer.

Current customer satisfaction:
Customer Satisfaction

Out of a total of 72 marks, the following was evident:

  • 46 in full agreement, maximum satisfaction;
  • 22 generally agreed, medium satisfaction;
  • 4 neither in agreement not in disagreement, mediocre satisfaction;
  • 0 in disagreement, dissatisfaction.

1) Appropriate equipment and systems
2) Personnel who are up to the task
3) When there’s an issue for the customer we show sincere interest in solving it
4) Italmeccanica Zaccaroni always provides processing/services ordered in time and according to agreed procedures
5) Italmeccanica Zaccaroni always communicates with the customer in an effective, clear manner without mistakes
6) Staff are always willing to support the customer
7) Staff never compromise on customers’ requests
8) The attitudes and behaviours of staff instill trust in the interlocutors
9) Staff are always polite within the workplace
10) The staff of Italmeccanica Zaccaroni are competent and have the necessary skills to meet their customers’ requests
11) Italmeccanica Zaccaroni helps customers where required and don’t leave them unassisted, making the effort to find solutions
12) Italmeccanica Zaccaroni also understands and interprets the particular needs of each customer